Thursday, August 27, 2009

The train of thought ran off the track...

I was thinking...which is one of those things that happens to me quite often...that maybe I should get the blog that I started back on track and moving along. It's been sitting in the back of my mind like an like a derailed train. So what good is a train without an engineer to add fuel to the fire? Can't depend the guy sitting on his caboose to do it.

So where has this Blog train been? Holy toledo, I've been all over the world meeting new people, making new discoverie's, been to places that I never heard of before and done things I've never imagined I could...until I met new friend that inspired me to 'follow my heart'. I thought that that's what I was doing before. But my 'heart' has grown bigger and more exciting than I imagined possible...and I've got a pretty health 'imagination.

It's not the quantity of experiences I'm having that makes the's the quality. I have not found anything but 'uniqueness' and 'specialness' in everyone I've met. And the more I come in contact with...the more I can appreciate their individuality. My life has gone from 'happy' to Happy to HAPPY. And like a balloon filling with Love it keeps growing.