Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We've decided on the Cha Cha Cha...

Last night, I was watching an all-time favorite TV program of mine, Dancing With the Stars. Why? Because even though I might seem like Scarecrow Klutz, underneath this 'not-so-suave' exterior resides Mr. Dancing Fool. But I knew from past experience,a lot of practice went into their routine to make it look so effortless.
And Florence Henderson, who is the same age category as me, looked like she was having a blast. I was amazed at her agility and still have fun!

While sitting having my coffee I had an 'aha' moment! I love to dance, I have a whole 1st floor apartment that I can convert to my 'dance studio' and the only thing that's missing (since Sleeping Beauty took her 'Siesta') is a partner. So I figured that if I hired Miss Fearless Dustcloth, we could then squeeze a lot of practice time in and still have a life! Kill two birds with one stone. (That's an expression I use, 'cause I don't kill birds.)

Now all we needed to do is pick a dance and some music. But I figured until we got the rhythm down we'd have to copy some moves. So I flew to YouTube and looked for a couple that 'knew what they were doing.' Because we sure didn't. I'll have to lead and Miss Dustcloth will have to follow. But with a little work and a lot of fun in the future, I think we're going to be an A+ amazing team. We had our first 'practice session' this morning.

This is the couple who have a lot of wiggle in their waggle...and took my guesswork out of it...I guess.

Move over we go! John and Miss Dustcloth are doing the Cha cha cha...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extra! Extra! 'A New Adventure'...yesterday's edition.

Yesterday I did something I'd never done before. I was an 'extra' in a movie. A Mafia movie no less. That surprised the heck out of me. I'm more Wizard of Oz/ Peter Pan kinda guy... but I'm learning to be Mr. Versatility.

A friend of mine was shooting an Independent movie called Holyland The Movie and needed extras for a picnic scene. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I've been wanting to check out the Ponte Club because Sylvia is a Ponte, I love to see what goes on 'behind the scene' of movie making, and since I'm retired...I have the time. So I gave it careful thought (about 35 seconds worth) and decided to volunteer my 'ignorance' to the project. I hauled my 'body along for a prop.

The shoot was going to be at the Ponte Club at 11am yesterday, on Farmwood Rd. which is on the other side of town. Since I have no car, I thought I'd grab a bus as far as I could and grunt the rest of the uphill mile. :( Lately anything that isn't flat and goes up is a 'hill'.

I went prepared for 'a picnic'. I used the 'use-it-again' bag that I bought at the grocery store, filled it with 2 peanut butter sandwiches (in case I got hungry), two bottles of water (self-explanatory), a blanket, a notebook, and...a camera! Then at 9:45 I set off on the my adventure. My timing was a little off and as slow as I walked...I got there 1/2 hour early. I sat and 'communed with nature'...and got my nose sunburned because I forgot sunscreen.

The 'shoot' went well and I met some fun and interesting people, learned a lot about 'behind the scenes' thing and had a great outing. The camera was used on the way back 'down' :) and I took some cool pictures...for Mr. Not Cameraguy.

Now a sneak peak at Holyland The Movie...

...and that was my Yesterday! Today is another New Beginning. ;-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All I Need Is A Miracle...

What are the odds that a 72 year old guy would be listening to 'soft rock' on his laptop while doing his 'house-elf stuff' around the house? What are the odds that the words to one song in particular would jump out and grab his attention while he was two rooms away? What are the odds that he would stop and look up the song on YouTube and find this video right off the bat? What are the odds that he would watch the video from beginning to end and get a 'message' from God knows where? Which is my point exactly...that's where 'miracles' come from...but they work wonders!

I'm having more fun just being who I am the trying to be who I'm not...or who someone else thinks 'I should be.' It's never worked for me. That 'old guy' sure knows what it's like to 'need a miracle' and just like all else in his life, they show up 'on time and in a way that is most unexpected' most of the time.

I've stopped worrying about the odds against anything and focus on the 'for'. I'm curious if the guy in the video saw it for what it was...or passed the dog off as a ...'coincidence'. Who knows?

All I know is that everything under my nose a miracle and whether I choose to see it that way or not is my choice. Different choices simply produce different results. Everything happens for a 'reason.' And I have fun writing about this stuff. It's another miracle. I CAN.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Music speaks a Universal language....

This is one of my favorite Albanian songs about a mother and daughter singing to each other. It's a high energy least it boosts my energy and makes me smile. I don't understand the words 'cause I'm not Albanian...but the smiles, music, singing and crowds, I do.

I look at all the different cultures and how they celebrate using music. The crowds gather and they sing and dance and clap. It's the wonderful way I look at my world. I don't have to understand the words to know that underneath it all...we are the same. Outwardly...not so much.

Hmmm. I wonder exactly how many different ways are there to celebrate and how many different languages are there? Ah! I don't care...I just am happy to see happy people. That's what being 'human' is all about, I guess.

Friday, September 10, 2010


"Hook" is one of the movies I missed in my 'hustling and bustling' through life and caught on TV the other night. Hmmm. Maybe I didn't 'miss it' after caught up with me at just the time that I could appreciate and enjoy it!

Peter Pan has always been one of the favorite characters that I grew up with (or didn't grow up with?) But come to think of it...the kid inside is just as alive and well as ever...and 'taking me to places the adult Me never imagined existed. "Never say 'never'" is the motto in Neverland. It's a place where Impossible doesn't exist...except to 'adults' who have forgotten what 'fun' is all about.

When in as the adults do. But when the 'imagination' kicks in...there's no stopping.

That's what living in the best of 'both' worlds is about. Knowing that both exist...and knowing when to 'fly'. Even in Neverland, there is drama and 'insurmountable' mountains...but 'flying' is the way to get over them. "Lest ye become as a little child ye shall not see...what life is all about." That is a saying that's stuck in my head...and my feet aren't stuck in a rut. The combo clown flies again. Wheeee!

"The greatest creative force in the Universe is the Imagination." ~ Albert Einstein

That's one smart dude. He wasn't just whistling Dixie when he said that. At least...I don't imagine he was! :-)

Teaching them to read....?

While I was sitting drinking my coffee, I looked back (hey, I've got a lot of looking experience under my belt) I thought of all the pleasure I got out of 'reading'. I've got my Mom to thank for that. She taught me the alphabet and 'how play with words' before I started kindergarten. I've been hooked on 'words' ever since.

Then I was reading the paper about training sessions for Literacy Volunteers. It got me thinking
(like I need help with that one), how many people in this world not only know the 'joy' of reading but can't even decipher words that pop up in every day life? How would it impact their life? How would they know what wonders were in the dictionary? Or how to fill out an application for a job?

Some, I would imagine would think there was 'something wrong' with themselves if they couldn't do it. And worse yet...what would people think of them if they didn't know how and were afraid to admit it? Street signs would be a mystery. Computers?...forget it. And I wonder how this world would change for one person if they could 'read'? What if that person

There's so much in life to laugh and sing about...but that isn't one of them. Life has been good to me and maybe it's time that instead of taking so much for granted I start appreciating how good it's been simply because I can...READ. Hmmm. I wonder.....?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Am I a Nerd...I wonder?

I was sitting thinkin' about 'growing up' in Cleveland. I lived ten minutes via Lakeshore Blvd from the old Cleveland Stadium, went to a high school that had one of the best football teams in town, and can recall my 'game attendance' in my entire 72 years on one hand. Football -0 : Baseball 2. It wasn't that I wasn't's just I was bizee doing other 'stuff' and got slightly underexposed to 'sports'.

I can remember wearing out my library card, riding roller coasters a few blocks from where I lived, spending time at my uncle's boathouse during the summer, working, roller skating...but I never had time to 'watch a game'. I've never seen a football game from beginning to end in my life.

I took the two buses when I was 11 to the Cleveland Museum of Art for the 'free art lessons' they offered in the summer program and I learned the basics of painting. I used to have to carry my birth certificate with me (before ID cards existed), not to prove I was old enough, but to show that I was young enough to travel at the lower rate (that included the movie theatre. I was bigger and looked older than I was.
But the 'older look' took me to places I couldn't go otherwise...especially the library.

Was I on the 'honor roll'? Not with as many classes as I flunked. I won't say how far from the bottom of the class standing I was...other than it wasn't last. I was an 'intellectual NOT. I did belong to the Chess Club in HS. But dropped out when I went to work at 14. The 'look' landed me a job.

So while I'm doing all this 'profound' thinking...I'm wondering if I'm a nerdy clown or not. But in the final analysis...who cares? I sure don't. I'm 2 busy having fun being who I am. It's hard telling what lies 'between the pages of any book'. I'll wait and see what my Obituary tells about me. That outta be a hoot! I'll flunk Reading because they won't deliver the newspaper. My Life is not about anything but doing the best I can with what I've got...and I'm doing it. No right or wrong...just choices. When it comes to labels I only have one that fits 'all'. INDIVIDUALS

Has he lost his marbles...??!!!

"Is he nuts?"

That's a question that I can only 'imagine' that a couple people may be asking...if they pay attention to me at all. I 'imagine' that the only polite thing to do would be to answer it. But if it's my 'imagination' that's Then I'm safe. Pheeew!

This kid still has all his 'marbles' at age 72 and plays with them...frequently. As far as playing with a 'full deck'...I got one of those too! I figure as long as I have 'today' to work with, I'll have fun playing with whatever hand is dealt to me. Since I used to deal in a casino, I know their 'rules'...kinda. But if I play The Game of Life by mine, and use Faith as my 'ace in the hole', I can't lose.

Now that I've retired, I've got xtra hours in my 168 week and can only use them 24 hours at a time, I'll have more time to relax and choose different 'what I choose to do' priorities.
I'm gonna write me a book! It'll be called Crocker Barrel Philosophy. But I've got a lot of other stuff to do too! Sitting in front of the laptop all day to me is NOT fun! My butt gets sore. Besides, the stove, the vacuum, the friendly dust rags and the washing machine get a little 'down in the mouth' if I don't pay attention to them. Not to mention Cherokee Elvis. That dog cries like my 'baby' if he thinks I'm ignoring him. Fat chance! lol

Today a friend is taking Johnny and me out for a 'celebration feast' at an 'all you can eat' Chinese buffet. I'm feeling sorry for them because they haven't a clue what the words 'healthy appetites' mean to us...and their profit margin. But first I hear the washing machine and vacuum calling me. "Hellooooo, John." But first I'll put on some rock n' roll music and boogie on outta here.