Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the middle of a mess...

I decided that since Sylvia died that maybe, using what we collected over 30 years, I'd embark on 'tweaking' our castle a bit. So I started moving furniture, disposing of things I knew she'd dispose of and turning our home into 'different' look. Syl used to say, "If you're not going to use it...get rid of it." The part she forgot to mention is all the cleaning that's involved in a 'project' like that.

While I was at work, she'd use sliders under the furniture and move things around. I figured, since she showed me how it's done, I'd get busy and do the same thing. Except she moved a lot faster than I do so it'll take some time to get it just the way I want it. And something a lot of people don't know about me is that I know more about her dolls and teddy bears than most guys would. She was also a great communicator and fortunately, I was a good listener. Most of the time.

This is what I started with...

...and this is what I've done so far.

Syl used to 'chide' me about keeping my desk organized so I'm just follow instructions. LOL

Anyhow I think that our 'home' is similar to our minds. At least mine. I use what I have under my nose. I keep what is working for me and what I haven't outgrown and rearrage things so that I have the 'shoe that fits.' Then I 'let go' of the rest. I just piddle along here and putter around there and 'my house, my mind and me' are just...a work in progree. It's fun!