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The Book of Life...the best part 'unwritten'.

I was diddly bopping on Facebook and took a quiz (I'm a sucker for quizzes) and unexpectedly came up with a song that I don't think I ever heard of. Hey, maybe I did but forgot...stranger things have been known to happen to this 'quiz kid.' It goes like this. There's a fancier dandier version but this one 'shows' the goes something like this...

That's what life is all least mine is. No one can feel the 'rain on my skin', walk in my shoes or dream my dreams. I'm the only one that can do it. Great song with great meaning...for me. LOL

My philosophy is...

Well, I'm not in the running with the big guys, Confusion and Aristootle, yet. I've not found one particular PHILOSOPHY that totally fits my size 13 feet, so instead of adopting one I've adapted many and come up with my own...Crocker Barrel Philosophy.
Hey, if the 'philosophy fits, I wear it. But the older I get the more I 'grow'.

I find it amazing how many wonderful 'idea' makers there are on this planet. It's a virtual banquet. From the masters of 'how to do it' to the masters of 'how not to do it'. I can learn from everyone.

Look at kids. They have the least most of the ones I've observed. They instinctively seem to know more than I do about what makes them happy and how to live in the present and are not afraid to imagine.

One of my teachers told me 'to become as a little child', so here I am. The 'little kid in an adult body.' It's fun. Of courses at times I have to act like an adult..…

We all have problems....

Well...maybe not exactly like Betty Boop, but problems just the same. I kinda think, and of course it's only my opinion, it's not the kind of problems we have that's the problem. It's the way we go about resolving it that matters.

Sometimes I look at a sitchiation and BAM...I think about it, think about it and think about it and don't fix it when I can. Pretty soon the 'molehillbecomes a mountain. Or I am faced with a mountainthat's I'm afraid to climb. I feel alone. And then alone can be spelled two ways... alone or ALONE. I may be 'alone' but I'm never ALONE. I found out the difference.

And I've never been on who's afeerd to ask for help in a situation that I feel is out of my control. There's only two answers I can get. Get which case I won't tell you what I think 'cause this is a family show. Or Of Course. Hmmm, that sounds better. But forgetful me forgets the 'other' way to ask. HEEEEEELP! That's …

Am I too OLD for Facebook...??!!

I don't THINK so! Compared to Methuselah I'm just a kid. A little one at that. I brought my bunny friend along to 'illustrate.' Buggsy boy is only two years younger than your's truly. Hmmmm. And we've grown up together. And if you think we're singing Looney're right!! He's funny and taught me a lot of what I know. Even though you're older you still can fit in...somewhere. Hey, Facebook is
Somewhere so that's where I'm at. And having fun to boot. If it's not fun, why do it? There's time enough for work, the way I see it...but if you're going to play why not pick your own 'playground'?

I went through a metamorphisis. I decided I didn't like the pic that I used for my Profile so I went to Photobucket and did a little editing. Well, I did a bunch of cutting and pasting and fixing until I was happy with it. Then I decided I didn't like it...but I posted anyway. Hmmmm.

Now why would I pick …

What's an "Enya".....?

I had a friend of mine...and I won't mention any names (except her name is Joni...:)) turned me on to a totally unfamiliar name... Enya. Being Mr. Inquisitive I hauled out my Google search tool and looked up the name. Guess what??? Cheeez, now I've got a whole new focus to get pumped about. Check this one out.

That's an ENYA. It's a really cool experience for me and I've become a fan. Then I asked around to different people if they heard of her. I mean...the looks like I've been a wee bit out of touch...and feel like a dinosaur coming out of a cave.

Then I found out she sang on "The Lord of the Rings". Duhhhh. I was a fan and didn't know it. I have the tapes. What I've learned is to pay attention to names. A lesson learned and a new chapter in my notebook. It's fun learning.

The Serenity Prayer

One of my favorite places to play is on YouTube. While doodly-bopping around there and looking at videos, the Serenity Prayer popped into my head. What can say other than sometimes it takes one of our kids to remind us of something we sometimes forget. How it happened is another story. But anyway, thanks, Danny.

I'm figuring that there's more meaning in that prayer than there are words. Also...and of course there always has to be an 'also' I'm that sort who figures any problem comes with a solution...somewhere. Roses come with thorns. Manure comes with shovels. The only time I can CHANGE anything is in the present. WISDOM is the same, I only need it when I can use it. Knowing what I need to know, when I need to know it. I'm not understanding it all...but I'm getting there. For now, I'm working on my CAN/CANNOT list. :)

The thing I CAN change is ME. What I'm looking for, I'll find. Someone once said, "Seek and ye shall find.&qu…


I love Easter. It's the time where one story ends...and mine begins.

I married a gem...or is she a chameleon?

When I first went hunting for pictures I forgot what Chameleons really looked like. I remember when I was growing up in Cleveland my folks would take me to the circus and buy me one. I'd pin it on my shirt and it would be my pet...for awhile. :( I must've done something wrong because before long it would stop moving and 'take a trip to heaven.' That's the explanation Mom gave me when I cried. Somehow, I didn't quite think there was a 'chameleon heaven'...but that's another story.

I've gotten to the stage of my life that I thought mebbe I should take a closer look at the person who said "I DO" many years ago...that seem like yesterday. I knew she was a gem when I married her but I didn't know how much a chameleon she'd become. But there are times I seem to take her for granted, forget to tell her and act like "the man without a brain." ...but I'm a guy. Sometimes we forget to say things like...

When I needed a wife..…