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'Tis the Season...or something.

How the time flies.  Two days ago it was Thanksgiving,  yesterday was officially Black Friday and before I know it, Christmas.  I keep getting 'reminders' everywhere I turn.  But this year I'm ahead of the 'decorating' for the Holidays game.  I have 3 items that I didn't put away from last year ('cause I was busy doin' nothing...or sumthin').  I am SO on top of it. 

     The first is an angel hanging on the frame beside my bedroom door.  It's 'lost' in the other stuff  'to look at' in my apartment.  I now can proudly point to it and give it the center stage of attention...mine.  Thirdly, I have the 'pole'.  No, I haven't taken up pole dancing in my Santa suit, it's a dohickey or thingambob that we used to use to flaunt our Holiday cards on.  Actually, it used to hold bags of potato chips and still has the name of the company that 'it' used to belong to.  I simply hook the end over top of the doorway …