'Tis the Season...or something.

     How the time flies.  Two days ago it was Thanksgiving,  yesterday was officially Black Friday and before I know it, Christmas.  I keep getting 'reminders' everywhere I turn.  But this year I'm ahead of the 'decorating' for the Holidays game.  I have 3 items that I didn't put away from last year ('cause I was busy doin' nothing...or sumthin').  I am SO on top of it. 

     The first is an angel hanging on the frame beside my bedroom door.  It's 'lost' in the other stuff  'to look at' in my apartment.  I now can proudly point to it and give it the center stage of attention...mine.  Thirdly, I have the 'pole'.  No, I haven't taken up pole dancing in my Santa suit, it's a dohickey or thingambob that we used to use to flaunt our Holiday cards on.  Actually, it used to hold bags of potato chips and still has the name of the company that 'it' used to belong to.  I simply hook the end over top of the doorway and down it's side and I'm ready for business...if there is any.

     I'm sure not too many people would be enthralled with my decorating scheme but I'm not planning a having any company so I'm a little more casual than I used to be.  And I'm 6 weeks short of my 76th birthday so I again can claim the 'old man' thing.  Hey, it works! 

      So what's with the tree?  It's a prop.  I use a picture to show what it used to be like in this apartment.  I'd be the one that did most of the decorating under the watchful eye of my director (aka Sylvia).  Our apartment underwent a transformation and I finally talked her into starting in before the turkey landed on the table.
     Our tree was a piece of art in itself.  I started with a 3 piece one that when plopped together was almost ready to decorate.  Time to set up the basic tree?  About 2 minutes.  Next came the ornaments, carefully unwrapped and handed to me by 'you know who'.  The large ones were first.  My sister-in-law, Yolanda's magic touch came alive.  She crocheted around pictures of family and each one was special.  Next were the doll ornaments which were collectibles that my honey cherished, and the meaning behind each one was our secret.

     By the time we were all set, it was an orderly...mess.  But it was finally done.  Now that I'm a widower and a bachelor to boot...I fake it.  The picture of the tree is my fourth thing that I flaunt.  I still have the same wonder that goes along with the season...but without all the trimmings. 

                                                                             The End

PS.  It's the end of the story not the end of me.  I still have a lot more 'stuff'' to talk about.  Did I mention that I like to talk?  Hahaha   I just did!


JoJo said…
Great story. Thanks John!

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