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"It's a most unusual day..."

Those are the words of a song that popped into my head as I was starting to write this,so... Naturally I had to 'chase the White Rabbit of curiosity' and find out where it led. I get into more 'trubble' that way, which is an adventure in itself.

This morning I stripped the bed, including the mattress cover because it needed it and did some house 'chores'. It's fun to me, but I imagine it would be boring to someone else. Then the title of the book that I'm writing popped into my head. "Crocker Barrel Philosopy"? Geeze. Would I even pick up something like that by the name alone? Nah. It sounds like another boring book by some boring guy who thinks he's got a handle on some new fangled kind of philosophy. So I put it down.

Hey, wait a minute! I realize that I'm the guy who's writing this book. So then I thunk up another one I can 'play with'. The Adventures of the Crocker Barrel Philosopher. Now...mebbe that's a little clo…