Saturday, March 26, 2011

"It's a most unusual day..."

Those are the words of a song that popped into my head as I was starting to write this,so... Naturally I had to 'chase the White Rabbit of curiosity' and find out where it led. I get into more 'trubble' that way, which is an adventure in itself.

This morning I stripped the bed, including the mattress cover because it needed it and did some house 'chores'. It's fun to me, but I imagine it would be boring to someone else. Then the title of the book that I'm writing popped into my head. "Crocker Barrel Philosopy"? Geeze. Would I even pick up something like that by the name alone? Nah. It sounds like another boring book by some boring guy who thinks he's got a handle on some new fangled kind of philosophy. So I put it down.

Hey, wait a minute! I realize that I'm the guy who's writing this book. So then I thunk up another one I can 'play with'. The Adventures of the Crocker Barrel Philosopher. Now...mebbe that's a little close to a 'pick it up and I'll look at it' kinda thing.

And it'll be more fun to write too from this new 'angle'. So among all the things that are happening in my bizee brain, this is another one. Hey, it's fun and it gives me something to think about when I'm doing the bed and cooking the linguine. with it and have fun with it. I am. My Adventure story continues...