Sunday, January 30, 2011

Acceptance is NOT submission...

Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you're going to do about it.
- Kathleen Casey Theisen

I found this quotation like I find many of the other things in life, by following the 'white rabbit of intuition'. And I cease to be amazed at how many cool things I find. This is one quotation that really got my attention.

Take yesterday for example. Hmmm. My borrowed car was stuck in the snow. I decided that I was going to the store. My son, Johnny, went out and shoveled and came back in and said, "There's no way that car is going to get out." But I was determined to get to the store. Hearing that, I made up my mind that it would so I said, "When I honk three times, it'll mean that the car is out and we can go to the store." Yeah, right.

It took some shoveling before I realized he was right. There simply was no place to put all the snow. Sheeesh. Delemma. I wanted to go to the store and the car was stuck. I had to 'accept' that. But...I wanted to get my butt to the store so I decided what to do. I went inside and grabbed Sylvia's cane (so I wouldn't fall on my patookus) and walked the 6 blocks to the store. I not only accomplished what I orignally wanted to do, but I chose not to let the snow stop me.

This has happened a lot in my life when 'things happen' that I hadn't planned on. I can either give up and sit on the 'pity pot' and play the 'blame game'...or I can look for some other way to do it. It's the times that I've given up that have proven the least productive. Do I sit on the pity pot anymore? Of course I do, I'm only human. But it's happening less and less frequently...and it saves a lot on time and toilet paper. All things are becoming possible, now that I look at it differently.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Do I believe in miracles...?

My first introduction to miracles came to me from my parents. They told me about the happenings on January 13th, 1938. My 20 yr. old mother went into labor with me and my dad rushed her to University Hospital in Cleveland. She had a rough time of it. The Dr. told her there was a serious problem and I would have to be delivered Cesarean section. Also, because of the nature of the problem a choice had to be made. He could save my mom's life...or mine, and even then there were no guarantees.

Stella (that's my mom's name) made a choice. She told the doctor to save me. She said she'd already experienced life and wanted me to have the same chance. Well...the delivery was made. I came squalling into this world at 1:38 AM on January 14th, and two weeks later than anticipated. The brat (that's me) survived...but the miracle was that my mom lived until 1980. Hmmm. I guess if I didn't make it, I wouldn't be writing this. Anyhow. From then on my life has been series of 'miracles'. But it wasn't until I looked back that I was able to see it that way.

In 1980, just five months after Mom passed away, another miracle happened. I met Sylvia. The odds that she and I would ever meet, become 'best friends' and get married in 3 months flat were astronomical. We were married for 30 years.

And now today,is my 73rd birthday. The odds that I should survive that long with the two women in my life who loved me unconditionally and who I probably had the power to exasperate the most...well, they didn't kill me or 'hurt' me. That's a miracle in itself. LOL

Now I can only imagine that the two of them are together(wherever they may be)and are now laughing and saying, "You finally realize what we meant by, 'People think you're so sweet...but they don't have to live with you'."

Seriously though (and I do have those moments...once in awhile), I can see all the miracles that have happened throughout my life. Coincidences? No! I just now look a little closer and see them for what they are...the synchronistic miracles of life. And to me that is the greatest blessing I have. To be able to finally...SEE.