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Gift from an Angel

This is a picture that was sent to me by a very talented friend of mine, Rose Angel. It shows a New England sunset as seen though our greatest assets...trees.

Rose is just learning how to use her new digatal camera and I am totally empressed with what she caputed in this picture...God's gift.

If there ever was an inspirational lady, Rose is it. She has not only overcome personal health issues which would fell most people, but her faith inspires me...though her writing and her poetry snf her wonderful sense of humor.

Thanks, Rose, for sharing this with us.

Magic or Miracles?

The way I see it, the main difference in manic and miracles is the spelling. Isn’t it a wonderful time of year where we can see both happening. Santa Claus is pure magic and Jesus is pure miracle. I believe in both because they both have the same message. "Ask and you shall receive." But the bottom line doesn’t matter what anyone else believes that will produce results, only what I believe that counts.. As I see it, that’s the essence of faith.

Is this logical? To me it is. Because in God’s universe of ‘human mind reality’ neither magic nor miracles is logical. But from an spiritual perspective, faith is the most logical thing there is. That’s what I’ve learned from my friend named Jesus. I guess that’s what’s called ‘marching to the beat of a different drummer.’ So I keep marching along, not understanding everything but each day learning a little more. Every day is Christmas and I look for the good in each new day...or try to.

But hey, I’m not perfect. LOL