Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Impossible Dream via a TV show...

Generally, I don't get 'hooked' on TV shows but this one is too 'hot' not to write about.  In my romping through the all the possibilities that are open to me, I've gotten enchanted by the Korean Drama series on Hulu.  In fact I've been staying up until the wee hours watching it.

At 4 AM, I finally finished watching The Great Queen SeonDeok.  Wow!  It came in 62 parts and each one was an hour plus long (plus commercials).  What a learning experience that was!!!  I had to travel back in time (which is ez for me to do as 'history' used to be my forte.  And I went to Korea...a land I thought I'd never visit and learned about the people'

I learned that even though I don't speak the language it was filmed in, they had this neat translator thingy that put it all together.  I read my way through it.  And of course that was fun...because I'm also an avid reader.  It was fun for me to see the remarkable way it was put together.  I not only saw 'the obvious' but 'imagined' what they would have to go through to make it so good. 

Do I have an analytical mind I wonder?  Mebbe.  It was well written (even though I could spot the 'glitches') but it would have to be to garner that many awards.  I saw humor, drama, and every emotion that would make it a hit...portrayed.  I heard the operatic voices that were dubbed in, the music (and was identifying the instruments).  I saw action...and when martial arts is involved there was plenty of that.  Am I weird?  Probably some might think I am...but who cares?  LOL  It was good.

The story was about a baby who grew up, went through more 'crap' than anyone could imagine on her way to making the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM a reality.  It was a story of love, beating seemingly impossible odds, trust, and believing that it could be done.  The message in that story rang a bell with me.  Like I need more of those things clanging in my head.  But I had fun watching, learning...and growing because of the exeperience.  But one day at a time...that's what my life is looking like.  Fun and interesting...with a little crap thrown in for fertilizer.  That's what makes me 'bloom'.