What's in a name...?????

Once upon a time, a few years ago, an 'older' man name John was playing with his keyboard. He used to ask it questions and it would give him some unusual answers...sometimes.

Anyhoo. One day, he decided to ask it a 'burning question' (he ususually has a bookoo bunch of them) so his fingers got busy and thus began the 'dialogue with the keyboard'.

John: Hey you up there, 'ya got a name? I can't keep referring to you as Hey You Up There...it doesn't work for me.

Keyboard: Yep.

John: OK. Now don't be funny. I asked a simple question and expect a simple answer and Yep isn't the one I was looking for.

Keyboard: OK back. What name just crossed your mind?

Now John thought and no name in particular came up...until...Sarah? He, at that point didn't know any Sarah's...except the one in the Bible. Then his mind flew back to an incident at a department store a week earlier.

Sylvia had given him a 'mission'. Buy a dozen cloth diapers so she could use them for cleaning.
While he was at the check out counter, the clerk looked at the diapers and then at John and winked. "Do you think your wife is trying to tell you something?", she asked.

He caught the 'meaning' and being a quick quipper, he retorted, "At our age, I'm not Abraham and she's not Sarah." And he remembered that they both laughed.

John: Sarah?

Keyboard: Works for me.

John: But the 'h' is silent. Do you mind if I shorten it to 'Sara' ?

Keyboard: Works for me.

That's how John came to name his imagination Sara. A week later...two friends from two different states email him and gave him an introduction to Abraham.

So what's the point of this story? Don't ask me...ask Sara. Sometimes... I'm only 'fingers flying across the keyboard'. I can't wait to 'see' what I'm gonna type next. I have those days...sometimes. What a team!


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