It only happens in the movies....???

I've found out (through a source I won't divulge...'cause I forgot who it was), that I could watch TV and movies for free on Hulu.  Now, with the price being with my 'range of affordabilty', I decided to check it out.  At first I went through the 'learning stage'.  I had to, like most other sites I come across, learn to navigate.  Since boating is not one of my skills, it was NOT smooth sailing at first.

I found out, that without a TV service I could keep up with my favorite 'soap operas'.  And that's what I started doing.  But curiosity got the best of me.  One day I accidentally clicked on 'Korean drama' and a whole new world opened up to me.  Another country is into 'soaps' too!  Did I surrender to my curiosity?  Do bears do 'do do' in the woods?   But since I don't speak the language, I read the dialogue (I love to read and I do it fast) in order to know what's going on.  Through these 'adventures' I got to see how other people lived, laughed, loved, were happy and sad and had problems and history that I wasn't aware of.  I traveled to places on 'location' shoots that I pictured entirely different.

At first, I did what I normally do.  While watching a 'fictional piece', I think 'would I have written it this way?'  or when watching it I look at the background and wonder why the director chose 'that particular location' to shoot in.  I sometimes watch the actors' eyes and faces for expression...and give them my 'thumbs up/ down' evaluation.  Sometimes I see the camera, that's focused on the face and begin to see the tears begin that turn into a torrent.   I'm amazing myself, what I'm getting out of it.

And Mr. Adventure here, that there are foreign films in other languages that I can use as 'teaching tools' to understand other cultures and people and help me with my writing.  Between the television series and the movies I've become more aware and seen a little slice of life from all around the world.
So far I've watched Korean films, Indian dramas, Vietnamese episodes, Chinese predicaments, Italian comedy, Spanish romance.  All around the world people are having a life...just like mine.  The language may be different but the 'feelings' are just the same. 

Through it all, I've discovered again, that emotions are the great equalizer and 'themness' the great barrier to understanding.  Do I keep busy?  If I get 'bored' (a word I'm not sure I know the meaning of)
it's no body's fault except my own.  There's too much to see on the Banquet table of Life.


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