My roller skating sweater...

     Now I'm at a crossroads.  Should I toss my team sweater... or get out the sewing basket and stitch up the seam and sew a few buttons on?  Most guys would toss it 'cause the ones I know don't have the time to bother or the skill necessary to accomplish that 'feat'.  And girls probably would be easier than guys (I'm just guessing at that one) to vote for the garbage can if they knew how long I had it.  1979?  34 years? 

     But when it's washed, my cardigan looks like new.  I've worn it every year I had it and it's been a 'good friend' to me when I've been cold...which is part of my nature.  Brrrrrrrr.  Originally, the dark blue sweater had my name stitched on the front and a patch announcing 'King's Skate Country' on the back.  All the members of the roller skating team had one for the occasions we had to separate the sheep from the group that weren't part of the team.  Did I just refer to myself as a...sheep?  Oh well.

     After my new wife, Sylvia became more fun and interesting than roller skating, I quit the team.  The logo on the back was taken off and my name, 'John' remained.  Which over the years has given me more to think about than if I took that off too.

     One day (and it was in the mid-90's 'cause I knew where I was living), I had driven across the street to Long's Drug Store in Reno.  Most people who lived where I did would leave their apartment and walk for 2 minutes (if they were on crutches) but I'm not most people.  I spent 5 minutes (and all that it entailed) driving.
After I had gotten whatever it was I needed (or wanted 'cause I'm a sucker for snackables) I was in line at the checkout counter.  Two fellows approached me and one of them said "Hi John" and started talking to me like we were long lost friends.

     Being bad on names, I wondered 'Who is this guy?' but answered his questions.  The puzzled look must have been on my face when he suddenly asked me if I knew who he was?  I answered "No".  He told me as he and his friend were laughing that he read my name on my sweater.  Duh. 

     When I tell anyone how long I've had it, they're are amazed at it's pristine condition (barring the above mentioned stuff).  But then the 'stuff' has only hapntly.  I guess I'll team up with D'Needle and work my magic.  Problem solved.  And as an added bonus...I've done some more nonsense writing.


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