What happens to me when there is no plan B?...

     This is too funny for words.  But I'm gonna use words to show you what I mean about...let it happen the way it's supposed to.  

     First, the delivery man left my box (that contained my 'needs to be put together' microwave cart) at the FRONT door.  I tracked that eagerly awaited package like it was a shipment of gold.  And for clarification, my address clearly states...1st floor REAR.  The handwritten note that is on my front door for all to see says, "ALL deliveries to be made in Rear...Thanks".  Grrrrr.   The reason?  I'm a 77 yr. young, man that doesn't like stairs so has NEVER gotten in the habit of using the front door.  The advantage of the back door?  I live on a hill and the enclosed back porch only has 1 step.  And to make matters worse, there wasn't even a knock on the door to let me know that it was there!  Double Grrrrr.  lol

     It's a good thing that I'm computer literate (kinda) and am pretty diligent about tracking.  When I looked it us and found out that it had been delivered and saw where, I knew what happened.  Shoot. That's not what I said but I'm being polite. And now that I've vented...I'll go on with the story.

     Grunting and groaning, I dragged the oversize package (that's what the label says so who am I to argue?) into my living room and managed to open the box that had the makings (I got one that had to be put together) of my new microwave cart.  Not being a 'tool guy', I had the bare basics done and decided to rest.  Then I went to the kitchen and sat looking where the cart was supposed to go.  An eerie feeling came over me.  I grabbed my trusty metal tape measure, measured the oven and then went in and measured the cart.  It was too small!!!!

     Shoot!!!  (I said it again)  What to do?  Let go of it and come up with Plan B...which I didn't have a clue about.  Then I watched television to relax...(and forget about the fact that I screwed up too.)  Shoot.  The one I ordered I saved the picture and it looked like...

     And I wish my kitchen looked like that, but it doesn't.  So this morning, when I logged on to Facebook, I saw something that I wanted to post.  It was something about being a beautiful day (which it is) and the fact that I can't help smiling (which I was).  Then I went on and told a short version of my story...and not having a Plan B.

     Within minutes I had a fb friend send me this picture and ask what size I needed.  I told her the measurements of my microwave and the rest is history. 


     Withing two hours I had my Plan B solution...in real life.  It was not only what I needed but I met a new friend.  Thanks Lorraine.  And this is what it looks like in my kitchen.  And since my new camera isn't working yet, I took this picture with my laptop.  Hey, I'm a wanna be writer not a photographer dude.

        The moral of this story is...there isn't one.  If plan A doesn't work out, I've never been one to bank on Plan B.  It has always worked for me when I venture into the unknown...and smile.  :D


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